3M Pad Polisher Set 5 Pcs Size 16″ 17″ 20″


3M Pad Polisher Set 5 Pcs Size 16″ 17″ 20″

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  • White Super Polish Pad
  • Red Buffer Pad
  • Brown Stripper Pad
  • Blue Scrubber Pad
  • Black Stripper Pad

Fewer Chemicals Used

The Scotch-Brite Diamond Floor Pad Plus System allows the maintenance and polishing of stone, marble and terrazzo flooring without the use of floor finishes and strippers. Eliminating the use of floor finish and floor stripping chemicals in a stone floor maintenance program can help reduce chemical exposure for your workers and release to the environment.

For over 50 years, high performing 3M Floor Pads have been an industry leader. High performance aligns well with sustainability.

When compared to the nearest competitor, 3M floor pads:

  1. Remove deep scuff marks 7 times faster*
  2. Provide nearly 40% more aggressive floor stripping*
  3. Have 25% better cut on Schiefer test*
  4. Have 50% better burnishing durability*